Your global concierge for transportation.

A transparent end-to-end documentation for moving shipping containers across the world, just like that.

Track & Trace

Predictive Visibility Platform

IOT Enabled platform for real-time visibility to run logistics operations to achieve on-time delivery and efficiency

  • Connecting all stakeholders onto unified platform
  • Ensuring cross-user visibility
  • Near real-time shipment updates
  • Pro-active visibility into shipment planning

Shipment Management

The strength of a 3PL network is vital.

Technology combined with the know-how of our logistics experts helps us solve potential delays before they even occur. Manage all your shipments 24/7 in one place including full traceability of your cargo documents and an overview of your costs.

Well-established freight forwarders will have an incredibly strong network of contacts and experience in the business. Not only will this help you to get the best price for shipping your cargo, but it will also ensure that your goods arrive in a timely manner. Experienced 3PL will have encountered a multitude of problems along the way, so they’ll be able to quickly and efficiently deal with any issues which may arise as your goods are transported.

Warehouse Management

WMS that Enable Efficient Warehouse Functioning.

Real-time inventory information is updated across multiple locations (both offline and online sites and multiple warehouses) simultaneously. The software is integrated with multiple online marketplaces to ensure your product is visible everywhere.

  • Auto inventory replenishment
  • Handheld supported
  • FIFO stock picking supported
  • Cycle count enabled
  • Aging inventory
Warehouse Management

The Digital 3PL Logistics

Order Creation
Creating orders with entering the product and costs data.

Automatically calculation and printing of Quotation in one click.

Calculating Margins based on Quotation automatically in single click.

Pre & Post Shipment
Pre Shipment and Post Shipment documentation which contains Pre Clearing and Clearing documentation as a whole.

Automated Invoicing
Creating and Printing the Invoice based on the cost details filled while creating the Orders.

Quite a number of reports containing multiple information with proper filter. Example: Payment Reports, Exception Reports, Order Summary, Margin Summary and may more.